Long distance triathlon results

The main race of our triathlon festival took place yesterday. The long distance triathlon offered 2.2km swimming, 115km bike and 22km of running.

Todd Skipworth won the race in 5hrs51’33 ahead Albert Moreno who finished 6 minutes later.

The outstanding performance of the young Colin Arros is to be highlight; he was the fastest athlete on the bike part.

Regarding women, Catriona Morrison crossed the line in first position with a 6hrs19’37 race ahead Lucy Gossage.

- Top 10 Men: 1. Todd Skipworth (Aus) 5h51’33; 2. Albert Moreno (Esp) 5h57’33; 3. Gwenaël Ouilleres (Fra) 5h59’49; 4. Pakillo Fernandez (Esp) 6h04’47; 5. Colin Arros (Fra) 6h08’26; 6. Dave Rost (Ned) 6h15’20; 7. Reinaldo Colucci (Bre) 6h18’05; 8. Guillaume Philippe (Fra) 6h18’18; 9. Gilles Reboul (Fra) 6h20’47; 10. Alberto Bravo (Esp) 6h23’35.

- Top 10 Women : 1. Catriona Morrison (Eco) 6h19’37; 2. Lucy Gossage (Gbr) 6h28’17; 3. Parys Edwards (Gbr) 6h43’33; 4. Ester Hernandez (Esp) 6h56’25; 5. Céline Bousrez (Fra) 7h02’40; 6. Priska Grandjean (Sui) 7h14’32; 7. Alexandra Louison (Fra) 7h15’51; 8. Rebecca Kaltenmeier (All) 7h15’51; 9. Jenny Latham (All) 7h20’35; 10. Lucie Van Genugten (Ned) 7h22’07.