Teaser 2022 and new features of the fall season

In Alpe d’Huez, September is synonymous with the registrations opening for the Triathlon! On Wednesday 15th September at 08.22pm, the 16th edition will officially start, on alpetriathlon.com. Be punctual! But before that, here are some news and information that might interest you (and especially motivate you)!

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2022 Alpe d'Huez Triathlon Teaser

It’s a tradition at Alpe d’Huez: no launch of a new edition without a dedicated teaser. This year, it’s all about Vivaldi, great landscapes, 21 bends… and diversity. More than ever, the event is aimed at all types of athletes. Put on your headphones. Turn up the volume. Isolate yourself and enjoy these two minutes of escape.

New page dedicated to the rules and regulations

As we know, the vast majority of triathletes never read the rules, that long document that we try to complete each year in a precise and detailed way. Here is a new space where you can access the most important information if you are thinking of registering, without replacing the classic rules document! In case of a restrictive health situation in 2022, this page will also serve as a support for all updates of the organisation.

GUTAÏ Training 2022 offer

Our coaching partner GUTAï offers you two privileged options when you register. On your online form, you will have the possibility to opt for two training and coaching solutions that you will be able to activate whenever you want. It’s time to discover the Gutaï Training application, the most powerful on the market.

Official GUTAÏ TRAINING programme

  • 4 months of specific programme to use whenever you want before the race
  • An evolving programme, adapted to your profile, your objective and your availability!
  • 59,80€ (+5€ registration platform fee) instead of 119,60€.

GUTAÏ TRAINING Smart Coaching offer

  • 6 months of daily and personalised support

  • An evolving training programme, with follow-up, analysis and advice from your GUTAÏ coach (qualified professional)

  • 180€ (+10€ registration platform fee) instead of 360€.

Official jersey 2022

How to combine the sobriety and elegance of the Alpe d’Huez with the turbulent colours of the Triathlon? This was the challenge that our graphic designer and our partner INVERSE had to answer for the design of this new official cycling jersey. Available in two colours, this jersey is identical to last year’s, except for the collar which has been revised for better comfort and fluidity. Visit our e-boutique for more information.

FULL Experience: season 2!

Launched in 2021, our Full Experience triathlete care service now offers two exclusive packages including accommodation + registration. Thanks to the official hotels Le Castillan and Le Chamois d’Or, choose the option that best suits your needs. But in both cases, the idea is simple: spend time in Alpe d’Huez in the best conditions to focus on one goal, your race.