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There is a light at the end of the tunnel and a return to normal seems well underway. But many of you are contacting us to express your doubts and understandably ask us about the status of the event in the context of the pandemic. In order to address these questions, we have decided to publish this updates page in order to transmit the information (and a little optimism in passing) that we have. This page will be developed and updated over the next few weeks, as we aim to be as transparent as possible about the organisation process and the ongoing situation.


We don’t have all the answers, at least not yet, but we have the energy to spare and the motivation to welcome you in the best conditions. Thank you for your ability to adapt and your patience.


Together we will make it happen.


Race GOING AHEAD, from 26 to 30 July 2021. No deadline for the announcement of cancellation has been set by the organisation. Any decision to cancel would be taken by the RELEVANT public authorities.


The organising team is working on a protocol for triathletes and the public, which will be published on this page, as soon as we are made aware of the measures and restrictions which will apply. However, the following adaptations have already been established:

SWIM (start and distances)

The mass start of the Alpe d’Huez L Triathlon is part of the identity of the race and corresponds to our authentic vision of the sport and its origins. However, an arrangement will be implemented on the M Triathlon. But no rolling start is on the agenda.


The swimming distances are maintained (2.2km for the L Triathlon and 1.2km for the M Triathlon).


The organisation exceptionally gives registered triathletes the possibility to change the holder of their bib in case of resale. Race numbers are nominative, so it is important to officially request the change by email to hello@alpetriathlon.com, before June 30th.


The organization offers the possibility to all participants to transfer their number to the 2022 edition, without any justification, by sending an email to transfer@alpetriathlon.com, before June 15th. WARNING: after this date, no transfer will be possible (except for UK nationals, who have until 26 June).


Participants have the possibility to cancel their participation and be immediately refunded according to the conditions of the event registration terms ( retention of 30% corresponding to the processing charges, except for those who have subscribed to the cancellation insurance), by sending their request before June 30th, by email to refund@alpetriathlon.com.


The organisation does not yet have sufficient information on the standard to be applied for the use of the European health pass or negative tests for COVID-19 to access the race or its facilities. However, this point will be included in the protocol being prepared (if necessary).

The Alpe d’Huez Triathlon is an international event, bringing together all types of triathletes registered in 4 race formats. The team is proud of this diversity, well aware of the differences and particular situations of each one. This is why we remain committed to helping you, the triathletes, by offering assistance on a “case by case” basis in order to provide the best solutions.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

The Alpe d’Huez Triathlon offers a unique experience to its participants. The purpose of this independent event is to defend a vision of the triathlon based on the essence of the sport: personal achievement, respect, solidarity and humility. With its four-race line-up, the event brings together athletes of all origins and profiles around one and the same spirit, the 21 bends of Alpe d’Huez.

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