Full Experience: Alpe d’Huez premium version

The organisers of the Alpe d’Huez Triathlon are proud to offer a brand new service to participants. After reviewing the feedback from our satisfaction surveys from the last few years, and with the growth of the event, it felt like the right time to bring in this new addition; offering to help organise an athlete’s entire stay in Alpe d’Huez. The ‘Full Experience’ allows our triathletes to organise their trip stress-free, making the most of our expert team’s experience and trusted networks.

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Full Experience. What is it about?

First and foremost, it’s help finding and booking the best, and most appropriate, accommodation, which is often hard to find in amongst the sheer volume of places to stay in the area. We know that our triathletes have specific needs, and whether they come by themselves, with their family, or with a group of friends, it’s our job to find a place that fits the bill. According to our satisfaction survey in 2019, race participants stay on average for 4 days at Alpe d’Huez, which tells us that the experience of this race does not just boil down to the race itself but is part of something much bigger; the magic of the 21 bends. Even more reason to find the right place to stay!

A personalized service

For the first year of this new service, we have hand selected options from which participants can pick, including the most popular places to stay amongst athletes in previous years. As well as accommodation, participants can also book their transfers with us, either from Grenoble train station, or Lyon or Geneva airport. We can also book a well-earned restaurant table the evening of the race, or hire a bike that can be fitted by one of Alpe d’Huez’s professionals. Full Experience triathletes even have a special offer on the official 2021 race kit (cycling jersey and shorts).

Who is it for?

Anyone can have the full experience, and it’s aimed at those who want to get the most out of the event, and of Alpe d’Huez, without worrying about the logistics and faff of organising a holiday. If you want to tackle to race on the best form possible, or it’s your first time coming to the event, this package is made for you!

How do I get the Full Experience?

Because it’s a personalized service, tell us what you need and we’ll create you a proposal according to your criteria! Tell us what you want out of the event by filling out the Full Experience form, with no obligations or commitments, and let our team pick the best options to fit your specifications. We will also send you a break down of the costs of the proposal, so you can look it over in your own time. However, this is just a proposal – we can work together to develop the plan alongside a member of our dedicated Full Experience team.