Dear Triathletes, partners, and volunteers of the Alpe d’Huez Triathlon


The disappointment is immense, both yours and ours.


In the face of prevailing pessimism and always aware of all the obstacles that lay ahead, we have tried so hard to push through these last few weeks, to keep moving forward. Some may have seen it  as stubbornness or over-optimism. However, we have been following the one clear principle from the beginning of this pandemic to not make any decisions based on potential or hypothetical situations. Above all, we believe that hope will always endure. Whilst being realistic, we have always erred on the side of optimism, and we defend that decision. This is out of respect to the triathletes, as well as our sponsors, our volunteers, and of course all our community. This is the Alpe d’Huez spirit. ‘If there’s a will, there’s way’.

From this experience we are seeking to see the positives. For example, we have taken great comfort in the solidarity and kindness from so many people. Thank you to all those who sent us little (and long!) messages of support. Empathy and patience are the virtues that COVID-19 has thrust upon us, and which we will need now going forward more than ever. We now have an unexpected amount of time to prepare for our 2021 race; to perfect the changes which we will have to introduce from this year, and to decide on the best way forward to tackle to impact of the pandemic on the Alpe d’Huez Triathlon.


The adventure continues, thanks to you.


Take care,


Cyrille and Laurence Neveu