Racebook 2021 available… with a little surprise as a bonus

Here it is! The 2021 Racebook, also called “Official Program”, is available and ready to be downloaded. You will find a lot of information already published on the race website, but you will also discover some surprises, because we promised you a different edition, didn’t we? Among our new features for 2021, let us explain an XL size change, which should both enhance the show and respond to the current circumstances we all know about.


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New finishline and new finish area! !

Following major construction work affecting the space usually allocated to the event on the square of the Palais des Sports de l’Alpe d’Huez, the organisation had to adapt and find a new layout for the finish line and the Expo Village. In 2021, the Alpe d’Huez football field will become the epicenter of the Triathlon. A solution explained by Cyrille Neveu, the race director: “When the city council announced the new theatre construction in Alpe d’Huez, we thought long and hard about the best alternative for the Triathlon. The option of a more compact organisation concentrated on the football stadium quickly became obvious. On the one hand, we had been thinking for a long time about making more use of this beautiful space, which was previously used exclusively for the T2 bike park. We already had plans in our drawers for a finishline in this area, allowing the public to experience the transition, the run and the finish from inside. On the other hand, the possibility of controlling access and the crowd at the finish line gives us a certain amount of peace of mind given the context. We will be able to easily regulate the crowds in this area if necessary. As for the Expo Village, logically, we have also moved it closer to the venue, to accommodate our exhibitors on the avenue overlooking the “show”. If the experience proves positive, we may be able to confirm this set-up. In any case, the logistical challenge is served, and we look forward to welcoming triathletes and supporters in this new configuration.