The 15th edition is approaching fast! With less than two months to go before your summer summit, it’s already time to fine-tune the details. Amongst all the fundamental factors of your performance on D-day: nutrition. Our official partner OVERSTIM.s, a historic French brand and leader in sports nutrition, will provide triathletes with part of its range of products, specially selected for the Alpe d’Huez Triathlon. Here are the “nutritional assets” that you will find during your race, at the aid stations.

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Hydrixir has become an icon of the OVERSTIM.s range throughout its history. For the 2021 edition, triathletes will be entitled to the brand new version of this isotonic drink, 100% organically produced. As the name suggests, Hydrixir’s primary function is hydration thanks to its electrolyte concentration. But triathletes can also consider it as a significant source of energy with its carbohydrate intake to maintain performance levels. Important: with its neutral PH and no conservatives, Hydrixir does not generate any sourness or digestive disorders.

Its 50% organic fruit, its soft and melting texture and its natural flavour will make you feel good, but not only! Fruit N perf fruit paste is an ideal source of energy, easy to ingest and reduces the tiredness thanks to its content of organic Acerola, a naturally occurring vitamin C.

OVERSTIM.s offers you a 20% discount on your online order (from 39€) by using the promo code "HUEZ21"

OVERSTIM.s Antioxidant Gel is a basic product for maintaining efficiency and muscle function during exercise. Its antioxidants, vitamin E and Zinc, combined with magnesium and vitamin B6, will help you reduce fatigue. It is clearly a fundamental ally in the management of your long-term effort. Note that its liquid texture makes it very practical and the absence of colouring agents or conservatives in its composition helps its tolerance during digestion.

Dates, almonds, Guérande salt and lemon flavouring… these are the magical ingredients of this delicious and effective energy bar. Its natural approach and high nutritional quality do not affect the effectiveness of the e-bar; each bar provides 100kcal that will allow you to express yourself 100% at the right moment. Without milk or cereals (certified organic and vegan), the bar proposed by OVERSTIM.s respects your muscular comfort.